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Bike from Ocean to Ocean

.A subset of the retired FOGBEES is the Nerd Nite. While riding the bike keeps them physically, studying their Thursday lecture series delays their dementia.

As the retirees plan another multi-week bike tour, NN member Mark Greene is planning a multi-month, a cross-the-county bike solo with camping from the west ocean to the east. He promises to share his adventure via YouTube. His channel is

REVIEW - Part One

I don't know how he has time to do a YouTube Journal but Mark is doing it. The rest of us have used Crazy Guy on a Bike, but YouTube is an order of magnitude better. We can feel that we are on the ride. I know most of us could have never been able to do this tour. I am enjoying every minute Mark is sharing.

Wk 1: 200 Miles in Oregon - I think the first 200 miles have been more difficult than he expected: Traffic on 126, a tunnel, a bus, hike-a-bike, and the Three Sisters.

Wk 2: Bend to Boise - This video summarizes his cycling across the eastern half of Oregon.

Wk 3: Boise to Valentine NE - Off the bike: This video summarizes my ride across Idaho and skipping of Wyoming. Lots of standard tourist stuff thru Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota to Nebraska 

Wk 4: Cowboy Trail - This video covers Mark's ride from Valentine to Norfolk, Nebraska on the Cowboy Trail, his first “Rails-to-Trails” experience.

WK 5: Katy Trail -  This video covers my rides from Norfolk to Omaha, Nebraska and across Missouri’s Katy Trail.

WK 6: Ohio-to-Erie and GAP - This video covers the Ohio-to-Erie Trail, the Great Allegheny Passage and various trials and tribulations

WK 7A: Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Towpath -  This video covers the second half of the Great Allegheny Passage and the first half of the C&O Towpath, Confluence to Harpers Ferry.

WK 7B: Week Seven (Part Two), C&O Towpath to Mount Vernon - This video covers the second half of the C&O Canal Towpath, DC, and my finish at Mount Vernon, VA.

FINAL REVIEW: Trip Overview, Highs & Lows -


In preparation for his across America camping bike tour, Mark shared his planning.

Bikepacking Across America -- Planning My Route (with lots of tips & links)
In this video I describe my process and the many resources I have used in pulling this 4000+ mile trip of ether.

Bikepacking Across America — My Tech (Software)
In this video I show all of the apps I will use for: entertainment, navigation, recording & editing this channel, weather, health and security

Bikepacking Across America -- My Toolkit 
I this video I lay out all of the tools I’ll be taking on my bike. (I forgot to include chain lube and tire sealant, which I will pick up in Portland.)

Bikepacking Across America — Designing & Building the Bike: The Basics 
In this video I explain the many decisions that went into the selection of the components and the building of my tour bike, focusing on the basic parts; subsequent videos will cover the drive train and the bags. Here are links to all of the parts mentioned in this video:

Bikepacking Across America — Designing & Building the Bike: Drive Train
In this video I explain the (somewhat controversial) decisions that went into the selection of the components of the drive train for my tour bike. It was something of a trial & error process. The next video will cover the seven bags that will be attached to the bike and how I plan to use them.

Bikepacking Across America — Building the Bike: Bags & Misc 
In this video I explain the decisions that went into the selection of the eight bags that are attached to the bike, the bags within those bags, the air pump, the water bottles and a couple of other odds & ends.

Bikepacking Across America — Camping & Cooking Gear
n this video I explain the camping and cooking equipment I expect to use along the way. This will be the last full length video before I head to Oregon/The Pacific and start pedaling!


Enjoy a six-day autumn cycling journey on the C&O and Great Allegheny Passage trails from Washington DC to Pittsburgh. The colors of the leaves intensified, and the temperatures dropped, during this self-supported ride from DC to Pittsburgh. Also includes a ride with a bike on Amtrak, a tour of a lockhouse and a farewell to Husky Haven Campground.

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