The FOGBEES organized a group to participate in the 2014 Registers Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa, known as the RAGBRAI. This ride is a 7-day, 500 mile camping tour. It is a cyclists “bucket list” ride. The ride boasts of not only being the largest organized ride in the US, but in the world.

     Their ride was on July 20 through July 26 2014. Ther group left Hendersonville on July 18 and traveled to Eastern Iowa. On July 19, it took a bus to the west where the ride began on the 20'th.  At the end of the ride the group returned to Hendersonville on Monday July 27.

     Doug Depew registered the FOGBEE group. There were very specific registration requirements.  Everyone had to follow the rules specifically to stay in the Lottery for a group spot. The main rule applies to group registration,

    If one registered as an individual, it can disqualify both the individual and the group from riding. So if anyone plans on riding with the FOGBEEs, they had to contact Doug for specific instructions, or attend his organizational meeting.

    Doug had an initial information and organization meeting at his house in January. Shan Boone, who had ridden in the ride several times, discussed his experiences and showed a couple of videos.

    The discussion entailed registration, cost, transportation, and arrangements for camping gear with Porkbelly Ventures. The FOGBEE group registered on February 14'th, when group registration closed.

Questions? Ask Doug Depew

SUBMITTING ON February 15. 

New individual, not in system, entering as a member of the FOGBEES

Create Profile:
1.   Click on “Registration” on RAGBRAI homepage.
2.   Click on “Complete an entry form online."
3.   You will be on a page with “3 easy steps to enter RAGBRAI”. Click on “get started by creating your profile” at the bottom of the page.
4.   Create profile. Enter “desired login name” and “desired password” and retype password exactly. (This will be your username and password. They are case sensitive. Use this username and password to access your RAGBRAI registration.)
5.   Enter your “email address” and retype it exactly. (We will be sending you automatic emails about your registration and RAGBRAI updates.)
6.   Enter your “birthdate”:month, day, and year. Be sure you enter the correct year. Enter your “name”:salutation, first name and last name. (This will become your unique id.)
7.   Click “submit” at the bottom of the page.
8.   Click on “find a group to join” under “group options”. The group contact Doug Depew must know that you are joining the group.
9.   Enter the group number (43433) or the group name (FOGBEES). Click on “find groups”.
10. Click on the group name that you want. Click on “join this group now”.
11. This will take you to the “group home” page. Your name will be highlighted. Make sure that this is the correct group that you want to join. If it isn’t the correct group, click on “click here to remove myself from this group” at the top of the page and you will become an individual again. If it is the correct group, click on “entry not submitted” in red under your name.
12. You will be on the “entry form”. Enter your ride information and select your merchandise options. Enter your “Personal Information”. Check your entry to be sure that everything is correct. If correct then click on “confirm entry” at the bottom of the page.
13. Your “electronic online waiver” will come up for you to submit. Read the waiver and fill out the bottom of waiver and click on “submit entry” at the bottom of the page. This will submit your registration and waiver.
14. Make your payment (if paying by check, make it out to the group contact) to the group contact Douglas Depew as soon as possible. The group contact will submit just one payment for the group. You will be sent an automatic email when the group has been processed.
15. The group contact will receive the wristband and merchandise package in June for the group. You will get your wristband and merchandise from your group contact. If you have any questions or need to request a refund, contact your group contact first.