Saturday, May 30, 2009

Biking in PA

For those interested, I have posted on Snapfish a few pictures of my riding domain here in PA.  Now that things have greened up, the country side is quite nice.  I have learned that when using "Map My Ride", 15% grades get averaged out over the total ride distance so I now look more closely at the elevation chart to avoid surprises.  I have seen a number of riders up here, but no groups and now I know why.  Asking at a local bike shop, there are no organized groups so I guess I will have to form a FogBee chapter.  I think I have found what could serve as our biker bar, so that's a start.


Tango Bravo said...

Maybe we should make a field trip. I was in WIlmington a few weeks ago. Are you near Philadelphia?

Ed T said...

Actually about 2 hours north in the Poconos at the intersection of I-80 and I-81.

Mike said...

Hey, Ed

Good to hear from you. Nice view!

The Tour de Cure today was a fun ride. A tough 68 miles, but Gary and I did not let those young bucs leave us in their dust.

Mike K

Ed T said...

Good for you guys! Keep those wipper snappers where they belong. I miss riding with the FogBees, but I will be in town before long and will look forward to a ride.

monsieur cannonball said...

hey Ed, roads there look about as good as our backroads Sumner County

was the robber holding a camera on you ?

i think a FOGBEE jersey with a Pa. Dutch distlefink on the shoulder would be a collector item