When do we ride? Mostly on Saturday mornings, starting between 8A and noon, depending on the weather, but you may find a ride almost any day.  Watch the FOGBEE Blog for schedules & impromptu pickup.

What kind of rides? There's a ride for just about every skill level. Please see About Us for more details.
Where are the rides?  Mostly in Sumner County, but the FOGBEES is a traveling tour club and participate in most of the regional Charity Rides, have over-nighters, and have out-of-state toursClick here to view some of our past events.

Who leads the rides? Mostly Mike Knake, David Miley, and Tom Evans, but we ask all veteran FOGBEES to take a turn planning and leading one or more rides. Bruce Day is our long-ride leader for our over-nighters.  He has been riding for over 25 years and has left tracks on about every road in the southeast.  Christy and Eddie lead the Annual BBQ Ride.

How does one join a FOGBEE ride? Show-up, introduce yourself, and describe your skill level.  We'll introduce you to cyclists that are a best match for how you want to ride.


How does one become a FOGBEE? Ride with us regularly, spend some time at the after-ride social, and complete the enrollment on the JOIN US blog page.

What are the dues? Nothing, nada - the best deal in Middle Tennessee. Keeping track of money is a pain in the butt and creates some legal liability issues (so our lawyers tell us). If we need some money, we'll ask for what is necessary only for the event. 

What are the rules & regulations? Nothing is official, but click here if you want some.  We do ask that every cyclist know the laws, ride safely, and help new riders.

How do I get a FOGBEE jersey, T-Shirt, or ballcap? We don't keep an inventory.  We order them when the demand exceeds the minimum order quantity.  Depending on the volume a jersey costs about $50.

When are Club meetings?  We meet after rides .  Otherwise, most club business is conducted on our Blog.

Where can I get a list of the FOGBEES?  A complete list of the members, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail can be found at membership. Your name must be on that list to receive the password to open the list.


Why the blog? It's the club bulletin board where all members have one central place to share information. We tried using e-mail, mail lists, Google/Yahoo groups, etc. but we experienced delays or SPAM blocks. The blog is the only reliable communication.

We also have a FACEBOOK Page for public communication. Posts on the Blog automatically transfer to FACEBOOK.

Who can see the blog? Anyone in the world.  That way we can encourage new cyclists to join us.

Who can post or comment on the blog?  Only FOGBEES.  If you wish to send to our blog, first JOIN US and then send a note to and we'll activate your email address for blog access.

What can I post to the blog?  Almost anything you want, but we ask that it be stuff interesting to other FOGBEES.  Posts and comments are not moderated, but several of the FOGBEES act as administrators.

Why do some posts disappear from the blog?  Posts that are "dated" such as ride notices are removed routinely to keep from clogging up the blog with no-longer-active information.  However, the POSTS remain on the FACEBOOK page.

Why are some blog posts edited?  Normally we don't edit your posts, but we may tweak them to make them easier to read.


With the blog and FACEBOOK why the Web Site? We can put only so much and limited kinds of information on the blog.  We can put any information of value to cycling on the Web Site.

What kind of stuff is on the Web Site?  Please see the right sidebar on the blog.  It provides a menu to the website or you can examine it in create detail using the Horizontal navigation or the Site Map. You might also try the Google Search tool on the Blog.

How do I submit ideas for the Web Site?  Ideas and HELP are appreciated and encouraged.  Send them to

What are you trying to accomplish with this Web Site?  Our goal is to have the most complete Club Web site in Tennessee.


Are there Members' Only Stuff? We have a private monthly Newsletter and a public Photo and Video Vault, plus our private membership list and blog.

How is the Membership List Maintained? Our membership list is our MailChimp (newsletter) subscription list.  About every month or two our administrators transfer the subscribers to the membership list which is retained as multi-page Google Doc spreadsheet.

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