FOGBEES is a Recreational Bicycle Club
formed in 2006 to help new cyclists get into Group Riding:

- We Ride: Primarily in Sumner County with frequent visits to Davidson and 
                   Robertson Counties. We also have overnighters and multi-day tours.

- Homebase: Hendersonville TN.

- Number of Members: Around 150 (from Davidson, Robertson, and Sumner Counties)
                     We have guys and gals from 21 to 80 years young

- Meetings: Nothing formal - We meet on the road and socialize post-ride.
            Most rides start/stop at Sam's Sports Grill in the Streets of Indian Lake.
            Everyone is welcome.

- Dues: None - It's the best FREE deal you'll ever get!

- Officers: None - We ask that as you can, volunteer to lead something

- Communications: Our Blog, our FACEBOOK page, our several Websites, 

             our Monthly Newsletter

- When Do We Ride: About every day: morning, afternoon, and evening 

     - WATCH the BLOG: Our scheduled rides are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, 
                  Thursday, and Saturday
     - We have morning "beat the heat" rides for those with flexible work schedules

- How to Join: Ride with us and, if you like us, enroll on our JOIN US page.

- Required Equipment: Road or hybrid bike, a helmet, and front/rear lights for evening rides.

You can ride alone, but group riding has advantages:

- Safety: someone to help with mechanical failures or accident prevention
- Skills: improvement is more rapid with help. We have members skilled 

           in every aspect of road biking
- Comaradery: someone with whom to talk or to negate your excuses for not riding.


The club has four groups of riders:

RABBITS do the course averaging 18+ mph. Participants pretty much have to keep up because they seldom stop for and wait/keep track of slower bicyclists.

HOUNDS usually average between 15 to 16 mph and may bifurcate into slow and speedy groups.They generally keep track of who's participate and regroup. May implement Looy's Law.

TURTLES average 13 to 14 mph, stop as needed to regroup and/or rest, and have a "no drop" policy.

BEGINNERS ride to the abilities of those who show up.  Their rides are on Saturday morning when temperatures at above 50-degrees and weather permits. They aim to help new bicyclists get into Group Rides.  In general this group

1) Expects really new cyclists who need tires pumped, seats adjusted, etc.
2) Has true no drop. Does not mean waiting at each intersection. Means an experienced rider riding along with slowest rider at his/her pace.
3) Meet and greet everyone at start of ride.
4) Remain vigilant to every rider's status. All riders should look out for each other and intercede when someone is obviously in trouble.
5) Stop and regroup frequently (when safe). The last person to arrive gives the okay to resume.
6) No Looy law
7) Offer advice as needed.

Almost every day - WATCH THE BLOG

We have a variety of different rides: morning, evening, pickup, and overnight tours.  
Leaders announce rides, start time, location, maps, cues, and class on the BLOG.  
(FYI: week old stuff is usually deleted to minimize confusion)

The groups usually get together after the ride to socialize, eat, and re-hydrate.

Saturday: Generally all groups ride every Saturday morning.  Start times and locations vary.  Watch the blog.

Evening: During day-light savings the club rides in the evening on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays. On Tuesday and Thursday rides leave from the Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville from 5:30P to 6:00P  On Wednesday rides leave from Whitehouse.

Overnight: The club tries to have an overnighter in the spring and in the fall.  We do Credit-Card camping at a Motel, State Park, or B&B.  Significant others are invited to meet the bicyclists for the overnight for partying.

Sponsored Rides: The club also participates as a group in the major charity rides in the region.

Weekday Pickup Rides: We have a list of members who can ride during the day within the week. They have a FACEBOOK Group page to network on short notice.  They ride at Turtle pace.

Mon: Varies - watch the blog.
Tues: Sam's Sports (see GREEN dot below)
Wed: Whitehouse (Hwy 31W at Greenway Trailhead, White House)
Thurs: Brixx (Two blocks to the right of the GREEN dot below)
Sat: Locations vary. Watch blog


An Andrew - a cyclist you see at the beginning and end of the ride, but no where in between.

Bruced - jerry-rigged (if with duck tape its Ed-rigged)

Bumblebees - Fogbees designed for momentum, such as Bob

Cannonball - Bumblebee on a downhill who passes everyone and anyone

Doug-time - arriving five minutes after the ride starts

Fog-gary - spinning at the YMCA

Goat - cyclist with an affinity for hills

Honeybees - Fogbee Gals

Hounds -  this group can't keep up with the Rabbits and are too fast to be Turtles.

Killerbees - Fogbees whose rides average better than 17mph on Tennessee hills.

Lites - Fogbees who rides averages 13 to 14 mph

Looy's Law - at the end of the ride when everyone is back on familiar ground, you're on your own to get back to the start/end. (used to be our club house at Big Looy's Pizza) 

A Miley - a cyclist whose face you see only at the beginning of a ride, and his back thereafter.

Newbee - new Fogbee cyclist

PUC - pointless (or painful) uphill climb

Rabbits - aka Killer Bees.

Store - a "necessary" stop for the Lites and Honeybees.

Sweep - a cyclist whose tired of bustin' a - - .

Twelve-miler - afternoon metric with Bruce

Turtles - Fogbee group built for adventure, leisure, and casual rides -- not for speed.

Vicker-ied - fall off the rabbit pace to wait on turtles only to find turtles changed their route.