Saturday, March 14, 2009

FOGBEE alert

This past Thursday I was driving to Hendersonville from my office in White House when I spied a familiar bike jersey ahead of me on New Hope Road. Even at a great distance , I could see our FOGBEE jersey; however, I couldn't immediately i.d. the rider. As I slowed to pass , I thought that the individual was our dear friend, Dave Buckman. Still not convinced, I pulled over at the Beech High entry to wait for the biker to come closer. As I got out of my car I was very pleased to ascertain that indeed it was Dave. He was returning home having been out on a solo ride.

For those who don't know , Dave is recovering from a recent serious surgery . Looks like biking is good therapy , or maybe it was the healing powers of the colorful mantel which he wore.

Hats off to Dave and his speedy recovery.

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