Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time for Clubs to Erect 3-Foot Law Signs

Another cyclist hit in Chattanooga


Miley said...

Kudoas to the reporter for not blaming cyclists or that cyclists ride ast their own risk.

I'm all for the signs. And the window/bumper stickers and the specialty plate.

coastdownhills said...

Check out this blog and especially the comments. May need to cut and paste.

Some ideas
1) Have a meeting with appropriate local officials as a group to determine cycling support among local police. Stress this is not a complaining session but only fact finding. (Actually not my idea. This stolen from another Fogbee so that's ok.) Almost certainly just having the meting will be educational to all involved.

2) Raise money for Collierville like signs at strategic places in Sumner County. First place on my list would be on Indian Lake Blvd.

Anyone ready to join either or both projects? Specifics are better not discussed via blog.


BOB G. said...

Count me in.