Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bike Tires

. . This info is old for veteran road warriors, but valuable for people who have just purchased a new bike.  Please replace the "Bike Shop" issue ASAP with Gatorskin or Armadillo (or facsimile) tires if you want to reduce greatly the potential for flats.  Those bike shop tires are like vacuum cleaners.  They suck up every piece of glass on the road.
. . Unless you are in the Glydesdale class of riders and need tank tracks on your bike, buy 25-mm instead of 23-mm tires.  That tiny difference provides a noticeably softer ride. Plus, the 25-mm work much better than 23-mm on hard-pack trails.
. . Always check tires before the ride.  If you see cord through the rubber or have excessive knicks replace the tire.  Armadillo tires have a wear-indicator. Don't push your tires to the limit. You'll thank me on that 40-mph downhill glide.  Also, be sure your wheel liner is in good shape and properly position over the spoke nuts.


BOB G. said...

Gatorskins and puncture resistant tubes the only way to go.

Ed T said...

Just one add I learned from my helicopter experience in Nam; always do a "post ride" inspection of your tires and other equipment. That way if you discover a problem you can get it repaired before you miss your next ride.