Sunday, February 12, 2012

Overnight Rides for 2012

We missed a Fogbee Spring ride last year and though we did a July make up, I learned why few rides are scheduled in July.  This year we hope to do better.  Here are two rides in the offing.
1. Fobee Weekend Ride on Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet. Rough plans are to drive to a starting point in Alabama, probably Jacksonville, AL Friday and stay in local motel. Next day ride Chief Ladiga Trail to near Atlanta and have after ride party somewhere in Atlanta. Non riding significant others would drive to Atlanta, shop, visit family, etc. Saturday morning.  US 278 roughly parallels the trails most of the way so a meeting for lunch or part of way ride is possible.  The full ride from Jacskonville to Smyrna is about 80 miles. Drive back from Atlanta Sunday.  No specifics yet but April 20,21, 22 has been suggested as dates.  Please respond to this post if you are interested in riding. Any and all advice and help needed as this is one ride with which I am unfamiliar.

2. Mid America 2012. My Australian touring buddy, Bob Schofield is back in the USA this year and is leading a ride from Westmoreland, TN to the Washington DC area.  We'll be gathering at my home and shuttled to Westmoreland. Th full ride is three weeks but I only plan to do the first week and get fetched back home.  Anyone interested in doing some or all of this, please mail me at REplace the _at_ with the standard @ symbol.  A complete description of the ride is at  Mid America12
I encourage anyone with the time and courage to do it.  We'll be firming up camping, motel, and transportation arrangements in the next month.


GARY said...

I'm good for Atlanta..early May is my choice for riding

Janice said...

Atlanta sounds fun, but that's the same weekend as the BRAT-Rivers and Lakes Tour along the Natchez Trace(160miles/2days)

coastdownhills said...

Oops, I listed the wrong dates. So far the responses have favored a first weekend in May date. Doug or I will be posting more soon.