Saturday, June 17, 2017

Awesome Ride today from the Gallatin Civic Center!

I want to take a minute to say what an awesome ride we had today from the civic center in Gallatin up to Hartsville and back. What a great group of riders we had in both groups! Yes it was hot, maybe the hottest day so far but there was no complaining, we all stated together and left no one behind. Everyone rode safe with great communication and most met afterwards at Prince Street Pizza for some good fellowship, pizza, cold beer and diet soda (Gary).
Thanks for making today special, I am blessed to have the Fogbees as friends and family. Thanks Doc, Gary, Lucy, Steve the sweeper, John, Danny, Jonathan, Doug, Adam and (Sean for a short while). If I left someone out I apologize but I think that was everyone in our group.
Miley and Lindsay did a little scouting for later in the year, stay tuned.
If you weren't there we missed you and hope to see you soon on another great Fogbee ride!



Steve said...

Woody, thanks for your kind comments about the ride. It was an enjoyable ride even with the heat. The way that everyone looked out for each other is great and it is one of the things that makes riding with the fogbees a pleasure.

Lindsay said...

Woody clearly needs to drink wine more often if this is the day-after-euphoria he gets :). Great day on the bike!

Docbruw said...

Thanks Woody. I always feel blessed to have such a great group of guys and gals to enjoy my passion of drinking beer/wine errr ahh I mean riding bikes with. On your left!

Unknown said...

What an awesome day with our Fogbee family! Well said Woody!!!!