Thursday, June 8, 2017

Memphis In June Trip- Sunday Option Route Added

This is the plan and routes:

Everyone will be arriving at different times throughout the afternoon.  At some point, the plan is to hit the Flying Saucer, which is very near the hotel, for dinner and drinks.  Beale Street following is optional .

Saturday morning, we will ride from the hotel at 8:00AM.  There are two route options, but they travel some of the same roads.  We also will be stopping at the same spot for some lunch and beverage, the Shelby Forest Grocery Store.

After the ride, we will have our recovery happy hour somewhere in the hotel, which is to be determined.

Saturday night, we will have dinner at the Rendezvous Restaurant.  The best ribs served on the finest paper plates.   Beale Street is optional again Saturday night.

Sunday morning ride is optional.  The Tour Group takes off for Bolivar.  See their website at 

See you on the road,

Mike and Sherry

50 Mile Route

62 Mile Route

Sunday Option 40 Mile Route


Brian beisel said...

Weather forecast looking clear at this time. Thanks Mike for your work on the logistics for this trip, we are looking forward to the weekend.

Brian beisel said...
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Brian beisel said...

How about a list of who is going and which route they are riding?

Woody said...

Doc, Kate and I are in, 62 with the crew.

Brian beisel said...

I am in for 62.

Lindsay said...

I am in for 62! Are we planning a Sunday ride at all?

Brian beisel said...

It says "Sunday ride is optional".

coastdownhills said...

Eight of us Turtles are going and I assume all are doing the 50 mile option. It may be a few miles longer than 50. Not all the completed trail into Arkansas is shown on Google Maps. Anyone who wants to follow our route through Memphis on Sunday for an out and back is welcome. Wolf Creek Galleria at mile 20 would be a convenient lunch stop. The route is on the Big River Crossing blog. The blog link is the large blue square in the upper left of this blog. Click on the Routes tab, then scroll down past all the verbiage to Day 2, Memphis to Bolivar.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the Sunday route! Up for 100 miles in Memphis this weekend for sure! :)