Sunday, October 22, 2017

Garmin advice

Gpod evening Fogbees.  In need of a new Garmin...wonders the main differences between the 820 Edge and 820 Edge Explore versions.  Appreciate your thoughts and advice!


Bill said...

I have the 820 Edge and you are welcome to check it out or borrow it.

Shane Meade said...

You might be able to revive your 800 with a hard reset. See instructions here:

Sean Samber said...

Lindsay if your Garmin is locked up and will not respond or won't boot up try this
Non-prompted Non-Vol Clear - Clears NV and deletes all FIT files including Activities, Courses, Workouts.
• Turn device off
• Hold Lap/Reset and Start/Stop
• Press and release the power button
• Continue to hold only Lap/Reset and Start/Stop
• Release Lap/Reset and Start/Stop when the Garmin Logo is cleared
• The unit will restart and clear non-vol. The 800 is a good unit and is less prone to problems than the newer units. If you want a new unit be sure to get the Edge series and not a Explore.

Lindsay said...

I'll try those tips tonight...thanks. And worse case scenario noted that Edge series beats Explore series...

Docbruw said...

Not my writing. I plagiarized it from a bike radar page.

The Edge 820 is a little more performance-oriented than the Edge Explore 820, with metrics like FTP (functional threshold power) and watts/kg tracking, plus educated guesstimate measurements on VO2 Max and a recovery advisor. It also comes with Strava Live Segments, where you can get real-time tracking of your favorite Strava segments while riding them. You can set the default to show the time of your friend just above of you on the leaderboard, your PR or the KOM/QOM. The Edge 820 also has an ambient-light sensor that adjusts the screen’s brightness to current conditions.