Friday, November 9, 2018

3rd Annual Tailgate Ride and Party, Saturday, 11/17 at the Camplin Farm

In addition to the ride and tailgate party we are going to have a bonfire (if we can get a license for the fire) and camping. Everyone is invited to camp out following the tailgate party.

The ride starts at 9:00. The address is 923 Tyree Springs Rd, White House, TN 37188

Bill is bringing one of his tailgate trailer, chairs, etc.

Bring a side and your favorite adult beverage.

Please post your intentions as to the ride, the side and camping.

Your Hosts,

Janice Camplin and Bill Barton, mjk

40 mile route

45 mile route

50 mile route


Woody said...

I’m in for all; except camping.

Steve said...


Brian beisel said...

Let’s see the route

Kellie said...

Sounds fun! I'm gonna bake some pumpkin pie!

Woody said...

I will bring a jello salad.

Woody said...

Let’s help out with the fire wood and not leave it all up to Mike. Bring some with you.. easily purchased at your local super market.
Thanks all!

Kellie said...

What time is the ride and what is the address for those who haven't been there?

Doug_D said...

Love to bee there but actually look for me in the stands at the Mizzo vs TN game.

monsieur cannonball said...

Biking, brats, burgers, beer, bonfire and ball.......resistance is futile !
Plan to bring chips and salsa with a few sticks of wood for the fire.
Will ride a moderate 40 with Steve Bolling, Kenny Adams, Harry Parrish. Ronnie Proctor and Brett Dauer May join us as well.

Kaiser Dawg said...

Can I put a vote in for a 9:30am start time to let the sun start warming things up a bit? I've missed this ride in years past due to work conflicts, but am looking forward to joining in this year's edition! Not sure what side I'll bring just yet, but will pass on the camping option.

Brian beisel said...

Riding later (1030) so will be late to the party. Can’t wait to see everyone.

Brian beisel said...

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work to make the event a success. Those that left early missed one of the most exciting finishes to a football game in history. Triple OT win for the Wisconsin Badgers.