Saturday, June 8, 2019

UpDATE-Chattanooga FOGBEES Trip, Weekend of June 14th-UPDATE

Plans are continuing to come together for the trip to Chattanooga the weekend of June 14th.

Friday:  Arrive.  People will be arriving throughout the day.   So, no specific plans, other than we will go to the Terminal Brewhouse,  next to the Chattanooga ChooChoo Hotel for casual dinner and drinks.

Saturday Night:  Dinner at Table and Tavern, .  Reservation at 5:00PM.

Sunday: possibly do the same Greenway Ride that we rode last year.

We have a block of rooms reserved at the Chattanoogan Hotel.  Your can begin making your reservations through this booking link:
Or by calling 1-800-619-0018 and referencing GROUP ID: 718386.

The room rate is $159 and a one night refundable deposit is required.   Reservations will need to be made by May 15th to get the room rate. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy in order to get a refund on the deposit.  Link to the

Below are the three routes.

Long Route

Mid Distance Route

Short Route 52.3

Watch for more updates.

Your hosts,

Mike and Sherry


Lindsay said...

Looking forward to it

John P said...

Kim and I will Bee there. Booked our room today.

Woody said...

Always a great weekend; Doc "Moonshine" Boone and I will be there. Mike & Sherry thanks for hosting and all your hard work in planning and putting this weekend together for the FOGBEES. Much appreciated!

Steve said...

Susan and I will be there.

Docbruw said...

Sooo looking forward to this weekend.

Gary said...

Lucy and Gary are in. Reservations complete...

Brian beisel said...

Brian and Sherry are in. Reservations made.

MS said...

Tracie and I are in! Thanks Mike and Sherry!

danny said...

Laura and I are in also. Should be a great time.