Thursday, March 14, 2024

Doc Brew Boone Celebration Of Life Saturday March 16th UPDATE RESPONSE APPRECIATED

To ALL cycling groups; FOGBEES, FOGBEE WEEKDAY RIDERS, STATE LINE RIDERS. If you are attending Doc's COL service and staying for lunch afterwards, I need your help with a response.

Mike K.bhas done a wonderful, hardworking job of smoking five pork butts of FOG-BE-CUE,along with his famous Baked Beans. Keri (Doc's wife) has requested us (Doc'sbcycling groups and cycling friends) to also bring a side dish of Baked Beansband Cole Slaw, also any specialty dish or dessert you would like to share.

The attendance number for the COL and lunch is unknown, but we are thinking around 70ish to 100 people. I don't know which is more popular, beans or slaw? but I think beans. If you are attending the lunch afterwards please bring a small portion of Cole Slaw and a large portion of Baked Beans.

If you could respond on this Blog in the comments, OR anyone of the groups mentioned above Facebook Page, that you are attending the meal afterwards and will bring Baked Beans and Cole Slaw, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you can't respond to this blog, or any of the Facebook Groups you may text a response to 615-572-5045 with your name, number of attendees and a yes to BB and CS.

Thank You!!

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Woody said...

Received food info from myself, Mike K, D Miley, Roger S, Kate, Brian B,