Saturday, January 14, 2012

BRAT has new SPRING Ride.

Join us for the BRAT spring ride (River & Lakes Tour) April 20th-21st to knock the dust off your bike and get the winter blues right out of your legs. Come see what makes the Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee so great. If your not sure you can handle our 7 day event in the fall the spring ride is a great chance to see what a multi-day tour is like.
FOGBEES might want to consider this as their SPRING overnighter. Thoughts? Click here for more info.


Miley said...

sounds great. Plus it's fun to explore a new region. I wonder if rooms will sell out and how soon.

Tom_E said...

Bruce & I pedaled around this area a couple of years ago in February and visited the Shiloh National Military Museum Park, about 10 miles north of Pickwick. We had a great bike ride. The area is fairly flat (as flat as anything in TN)