Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's RAGBRAI time and Charlene (aka Spinjunkie) is putting together a group to attend this year's event.

Hello Friends! Go here first: and read. :-)

By now, you've heard me talk about the epic bike tour called RAGBRAI. "Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa." Ragbrai is the oldest and longest bike tour in the world. 2012 is their 40th year! The route changes every year and always travels West to East. Imagine Ten thousand cyclists from all over the world pedaling across Iowa, experiencing the small town life, eating more kinds of pie than you thought existed, friendly local people, pork chops, corn, wait for it...CORN! I've done Ragbrai in 2005, 2007 and 2009. Check out my Ragbrai Albums on my Facebook page for a peek inside this 7 day 500 +/- mile bike tour.

Some of you are already on board with us for this bike vacation of a lifetime...or at least decade. Feel free to forward this email to your cycling friends! I would love to take a big group of Ragbrai "Virgins" with us July 22-28. 

Pork Belly Ventures is the largest Ragbrai Charter company in Iowa. There are many charters that offer their services during Ragbrai and many cyclists DO opt to carry their own gear and plan their own accommodations (front yards of homes in overnight towns), BUT we use Pork Belly Ventures alacart services; everything from bus transportation from the airport to the start town, from the end town to the start town, bike transport via semi truck, 7 day tent set-up and tear down service, nightly entertainment/bottomless cold beer at the end of a long day in the saddle, (some of you are saying, "sign me up" right now) some evening meals, hot coffee in the morning and the list goes on. Some of our 2007 "Virgins" have come back to the corn every year since!

If you plan to do Ragbrai with us or are "thinking" about it, be sure to contact Pork Belly Ventures (email at the bottom) to get on their email list. The 2012 Route will be announced January 28, then PBV will email out their invitation letter with details of services and prices.

If you're new to this event and want more information visit: Ragbrai official website:
 and Pork Belly Ventures:

Ready to "Commit"?   Go to:
1. Follow Step One, click on "Create a profile".
2. Step Two, choose a group to join. Our group is called TRIHEAT
why join a group? Ragbrai registration is a lottery (May 1, 2012). If you register for the lottery as part of a group, then if one of us gets in, we all get in. This is ideal when we have a lot of friends who want to go together, although registering as a group doesn't increase your chances of getting in, it just means if one gets in, we all get in. (yes, you get your money back if we don't get in through the lottery, BUT we ALWAYS get you can put Ragbrai on your calendar in INK!)
3. Step Three, submit entry.
Note: mail your registration check payable to me (include any fees for apparel or extras ordered). I am the TRIHEAT group Contact and will need to mail one check for our group by the end of February. The 150.00 registration fee does not include any Pork Belly Ventures services. The 150.00 registration is just for week long Ragbrai wristband privileges.

Forward this email to all your FOGBEE'S! Would love to have a big group from Hendersonville going! You all will have a Blast!

Charlene Alcorn, RRCA Certified Running Coach,


Andrew said...

This looks like it might be fun.

John_K said...

I've heard it's a good trip....might give it a try.

Mark H said...

I want to go soooo badly but don't know if I can be off work that week.