Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring Over-Nighter

. . We didn't have our usual Spring over-nighter last year because the weather was so crappy.  However, several have already asked, "what do we plan for this spring?"  Very likely the weather is going to be significantly better than last year so we are targeting a ride for April 28'th and 29'th.  That will allow those who wish to do the new Spring BRAT to do both.
. . We are tossing around a number of candidate destinations: The Silver Comet, the Virgina Creeper, something in Louisville, the Spring BRAT (instead of our own), and ride from Bristol to Knoxville.  Some even want to repeat the Little Miami ride.
. . So what do you want to do?  How about some suggestions. SOON so everyone can schedule and plan.


GARY said...

Any of those is fine. i would not mind doing the Little Miami againg either.

Miley said...

I am interested in the Spring BRAT, which is Friday and Saturday of the previous week, 4/20-21.