Saturday, January 14, 2012


Its a little late, but we have completed the update of our Membership List and Blog Author List.  Members can view the membership list by logging into Google as You will need a PASSWORD, which we have changed from that used with the prior list.  We will send everyone that password via our LISTSERV (aka Google Group) to which y'all just subscribed.  PLEASE don't share it with non-members.

We have moved member's record who have not responded to the December LISTSERV invite to the EXPIRED worksheet in the Membership List. If you see someone on that page and know they should be on the ACTIVE worksheet, have them send us an note and we will attempt to re-authorize their account.

If you once were able to post to the blog and no longer can, that means we do not have a current active email address for you.  We really didn't want to cut anyone off, but want to keep the author's list to only those people who might actually want to post or comment on the blog.

We have included a list of the FOGBEE Internet Administrators on the "How To" page of this blog.  They are people who have volunteered to service our stuff.  We are always looking for help.  If you have internet skills, we need you.  PLEASE send us a note at

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