Tuesday, August 27, 2013

GREAT JOB Bruce and Dave

Creation of USBR23 has been a labor of love for Hendersonville volunteers Bruce Day and David Shumaker of Bike/Walk Tennessee, a Nashville [sic] biking nonprofit. Day said the addition of Franklin’s support is crucial because it gives credence to the plan. Plus, he stressed how bicyclists — especially touring cyclists — love to visit Franklin with its mix of country roads and modern amenities such as stores and restaurants.
“If you’re a real rough-and-ready type of cyclist, you still have to stock up and eat,” Day said. “Having a place with a lot of conveniences before you head out to the southern part of Tennessee, where services are few and far between, is important. And it’s a charming place to stay.”
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In our August TDOT meeting Jessica Wilson reported 
 US Bike Route 23
Dave Shumaker and Bruce Day of Bike Walk TN have been working closely with TDOT to designate a US Bike Route in TN.  Dave and Bruce rode the route and have met with county mayors for each jurisdiction and received letters of support.  We are waiting on one letter of support which is expected to come in next week and working with TDOT’s Mapping Division to create a detailed route map.  The deadline to submit the application to AASHTO is September 9th.


Janice said...

Where's the "like" button?

coastdownhills said...

Over the years I've been interviewed and quoted in several articles. This article is by far the best at conveying my message.
The report was instigated by Franklin City so I hope this does not mean we needed to drum up support among the voters. So far the most negative comment we've gotten from any official was that the route did not incorporate more of their jurisdiction.
All the credit for this goes to David Shumaker. I had been futzing around with no progress for three years till Dave came along and made it real.