Thursday, August 8, 2013

Critical Mass Demo for Injured Bicyclist

      Nashville bicyclists are holding a Critical Mass (Saturday Aug 10'th at 3PM) in light of a recent hit-and-run that injured local bicyclist, Molly Meinbresse. We want to show support for her and her family while raising awareness of the need for drivers to respect the safety of alternative transportation users.
     We will also be demonstrating how bicyclists are responsible for sharing the road safely and respectfully. Click here for more detail.


Caledonia said...

Any info on what her bicycle route was, time of day or night, any visibility issues, etc? DTI

coastdownhills said...

The crash occurred about 1 am Aug 4 on The Korean Vets Memorial Bridge. She was on the nice wide shoulder traveling east, with helmet and lights. No word on auto driver so far.
I have always, and still do, considered that bridge the safest way to cross the Cumberland river downtown.