Thursday, August 22, 2013

Big Thanks!  Praises to the Bike Bell.

Just wanted to take a minute to give a shout out of thanks to the rabbits.  Not sure who it was, (guessing maybe Doug?), but before they raced by us they signaled by giving a bike bell a few rings and passed us with enough room so we didn't feel startled and pushed off the road.  

Honestly, when I first heard the bell, my first thought was an ice cream truck was frantically trying to get by us. lol!  It took us a couple seconds to figure out what the heck was going on, but it was a great idea.  

Often when the rabbits whiz by us unexpectedly, we are caught off guard, and some of us turtles, who are not as skilled on our bikes as others can be shaken a bit.  If you guys continue to give us a heads up before passing and a little extra passing room, we'll be sure to move as far out of your way as possible.  :-)

Thank you, thank you for the ring.  :-)


Unknown said...

Well said Janice! Thanks :-)

Docbruw said...

I don't have a bell but I always try and give a loud and friendly "On your left" with I hope is enough time not to scare ya.

Tom_E said...

All should be aware that many cities (such as NYC) and states such as Ohio and Virginia require by law that bicycle be equipment with a bike bell AND they are ticketing those who do not. Several FOGBEES, such as Doug, have bells and use them as a common courtesy.

Doug_D said...

Yes it happened to be my dinger that ride, but I was just keeping up with the rabbits downhill. The hounds will warn you when we see you if I am there! -Doug