Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bicycle Needed

I was forwarded this email about a woman in need.  Being a cycling group most of us have or have had several bikes in our garage at any one time.  (And living rooms for that matter)  Surely one of us has an unused, unloved bicycle that sits around collecting dust.  It doesn't sound like she's needing a Trek Madonne.  lol!  Just a bike in good repair with a few gears to help her up the hills.

Please read the following email and feel free to contact them with any further questions you may have.  It would be nice if one of our Fogbees could be of help to this lady in need.  Thanks all!

From: McFerrin MBC <adminmcferrin@gmail.com>
Date: August 20, 2013, 5:15:20 PM CDT
Subject: Fwd: Ladies Bicycle needed PLEASE SEND OUT TO OUR CHURCH MEMBERS
Dear Church:
       I drove by a lady that was down on her knees, hands over her face, praying and crying.  Asked if I could help and she said "you don't have time to help me."
      Told her I did have the time to help her.  Her statement was that she was losing all her faith.  She does stay and a Ladies Inn in Nashville, and rides her bike to help keep her legs strong as she has knee problems.   The bike that was beside her has only one  speed and the brakes are out.
      If anyone in our Church family knows where we can get a ladies 26 or so inch bike, hopefully with more that one speed that would be wonderful.
      The lady at the Inn says she is a very nice person and has been there 3 years.
Hope we can answer her prayer as she told me as I approached that she was just ready to say AMEN. 
      I said a prayer with her and told her, it is my mission to help.  You may  e-mail me at   judy.rockytoptn@gmail.com

Judy Dias


Tango Bravo said...

I don't have a spare bike, but would contribute some $ to buy/refurbish one.

Todd jarrell said...

And I would be glad to donate $$$ as well!

Mike said...

I am willing to donate. Maybe Bikers can help find a bike.

Mike Knake

Woody said...

Donations would be great also. I can handle the donations and work with Judy on getting the lady a bike. We go to church together. Thanks all!

Jeff Gibson said...

Count me in for donations as well.

Mike said...

Went by bikers choice to see what they might have in a used bike. Nothing in used , but David is willing to quavering all his overhead on a new hybrid and sell for $350. Any takers? How much do we know about this situation. Who is Judy?

Woody said...

I go to church with Judy at McFerrin Missionary Baptist in Madison and have known her for a number of years even before church. Let me discuss with her on Sunday an I will update everyone.

Tango Bravo said...

We should be able tp raise that. JR will you be at De La Paz tonight?

Woody said...

yes i will

Woody said...

Wow thanks everyone!! But the need has been met and the lady will soon have a donated bike! Your love and support for someone you don't know is amazing! Ride safe.