Sunday, June 15, 2014

Nashville Kids' Triathlon

. . I appreciate Charlene providing Allen, Curtis, Jason, and me the opportunity to be Lead Bicyclists at this year's Nashville Kids' Triathlon.  She said there were 600 kids participating. Unlike the H'ville version, we got to ride with the athletes. It was great fun and these kids ride about my speed.
. . One of the most impressive things that I enjoyed was riding along side of a little girl who probably wasn't much taller than three feet.  She did all six miles of the bike course on tiny bike with training wheels and 12-inch wheels, the kind you see at Walmart.  She got tired toward the end of the course, but had no intention on quitting and finished (not in last position).
. . Also, congratulations to Michelle and Denise who finished FIRST in their age group of the women's triathlon.  Allen and I let Curtis and Jason, lead the ladies Tri.  We knew we weren't about to keep up with the first couple of speedsters who burnt up the course.  Allen and I just rode along and "observed."

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