Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Desperately Seeking Fogbees

Thanks for adding my need for Volunteers for the Nashville Kid's Triathlon June 14th to the Fogbee Newsletter back in May. I haven't gotten any Volunteer registrations yet, but I suspect it's because the "Big Hill Challenge" is the same day. In the event that there happen to be a few Fogbee's are are opting not to do that ride, or there are spouses who aren't going…would you mind giving the Volunteer request one more push this week?

I would LOVE to have 6 Fogbee's ride the bike course like the past few years. If I can't have Fogbee's this year… :( I'll have to ask another group and I really don't want to ask another group, because I REALLY like the Fogbee's. :)

I would LOVE to have 6 Fogbee's committed by this Friday to ride the bike course during the Nashville Kid's Triathlon at Centennial Park, Saturday morning, June 14, 6am-Noon.

Charlene Alcorn

I just volunteered.  Charlene needs FIVE more FOGBEESHow about joining me. Tom_E

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Unknown said...

I can help that day, I'll send an e-mail to Charlene.