Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Transportation Planning Meetings

Yesterday, I was informed of several regional transportation planning meeting for Robertson, Sumner, and Wilson counties. Because of the late notice I missed last night's and will miss tonight's. Click here for attachment of the communications I have had on these meetings. If you wish to get involved and insure adequate facilities for cycling or other transportation modes, here is your chance to advocate on our behalf.


coastdownhills said...

I did make the Wed, Oct 1 meeting. Only nine of the general public attended. There was a lot of opportunity for discussion. We ere divided into tables and asked to work among ourselves, come to some conclusions and present them to the group. I was elected to represent our table and we focused more on the reactive nature of planning rather than specific plans. Afterward one of the planners mentioned to me that as a cyclist I could have expounded more on the need for alternatives to the automobile. I assured him some of my cohorts would be attending the next meeting and do better.

Tom_E said...

Thanks Bruce. I believe we'll have Jim Overmohle, Frank, and me at the next meeting. I am surprised (or maybe not, due to the low publicity) at the low turn-out. If cyclists want to be considered in future plans they must be willing to participate in the process. Without your efforts Hendersonville would not be getting a Greenway.

Nik the Stik said...

Hey Gang,

I will try to make the 10/6 meeting.


BOB G. said...

I will try to go to the Hendersonville, TN Meeting.