Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday and Thursday are back to the Y (Gym)

Due to the lack of sunlight we are back to the gym during the week until spring. Remember to reserve you bike a day ahead of time. Normally the FOGBEES spin 5:30 on Tuesday.

On Thursdays, Gary will host the FOGBEE one hour spin at the Y at 6:30pm, no reservation needed (YMCA membership required), but we would appreciate a post each Wednesday or Thursday morning so we know the interest level.

Gary is certified in CPR and will have his spin certification soon. We had a great time last year and plan on more great spin music this year, including ABJ. Gary will take requests on the blog, 24 hours before class. Come keep your legs in shape!!

Posted by the Secretary of Spin

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GARY said...

I'll be there tonight at the Ymca at 5:30 for Richards class. Hope to see a few Fogbees there.