Sunday, June 21, 2009


I wanted to congratulate all the Fogbee riders (my count was 17 riders) who participated in Bruce's Castalian Springs ride yesterday. It was the hottest day I can ever remember riding on and it was pure torture/pleasure. There were mostly lite/medium riders and I was very impressed on how well the group rode. You all did great. Having everyone at Big Looy"s water hole at the end of the ride showed the camaraderie that the Fogbees are well known for. Good job everyone and Happy Fathers day.


Mike Poole said...

well said Gary!!

coastdownhills said...

Yes, it was a tough bunch of Fogbees who braved the route. And a very kind bunch as no one mentioned I had chosen the hottest possible return route on the first day of Summer.

BOB G. said...

Yes, it was a fun ride despite the hot weather. I was sure glad to take advantage of the weenie option. My hat is off to those who completed the 43 and 57 mile rides.

Tom_E said...

I guess we now have five groups: the Rabbits,Turtles,Lites,Ultra-lites, and Weenies.