Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MPO - Bik/Ped Counts (Sumner/Davidson)

Good Afternoon -

As part of the MPO Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Study, we will be conducting bicycle and pedestrian counts on September 8th (rain date Sept. 10th). These dates correspond with a national bicycle and pedestrian count effort being coordinated by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Council of ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers). This effort has been ongoing since 2004 and data has been collected by over 90 communities across the U.S.

In order to prepare for the event, we would like to get input from you on 3 locations in each county (10 for Davidson) to conduct counts. We would like to focus mainly on easy wins - areas where we know we will see bicyclists and pedestrians. However, we would also like to make sure that we include at least one area in each County where the infrastructure and/or bicyclists/pedestrians aren't there yet, but may be in the future. For example, the Madison area may see an increase of bikes/peds in the future in response to redevelopment tied to the new Madison SP plan. Also, there are areas like Nolensville Road where the infrastructure is absent, but there are many bicyclists and pedestrians regardless.

We are in the process of identifying locations for each county, but we wanted to give you a chance to provide your input on where the counts should take place.

Finally, we may need your help recruiting volunteers for this effort. Each count will take 2 volunteers per location (1 for the 7am-9am shift and 1 for the 4pm-6pm shift). So for 3 locations, you will need 6 people.

Our hope is that we will be able to conduct these counts at the same locations on an annual basis so that we can collect trend data. Please respond by Friday, June 26th with your ideas for possible locations and any volunteers you would like us to contact.

Thank you,
Leslie A. Meehan, MPA; Nashville Area MPO, 615-862-7211,



coastdownhills said...

The Streets Of Indian lake would not be my first pick for bike ped count low hanging fruit. Maybe counting shoppers walking along the interior streets of the Streets would pick up some numbers but cyclists have a gauntlet to get there unless a lot of us are using the new bridge and road. Right off I don't have a ready alternative. I do see a lot of cyclists on West Main from the parks to Bonita but then, that's where I am a lot. I could volunteer to count the am from 7-9 but that would make a long day for me since I work 10a-8p and usually don't get out before 9p.

freewheel said...

I'll help.

How about the intersection of Long Hollow Pike and Highway 258?