Monday, June 15, 2009

Thanks to GARY For Party

Gary threw another great party providing great entertainment and BBQ from Shane's. Most of the 24 cyclists that rode with us to Thomas Drug store made an appearance along with Phil and KJ who crashed earlier that day. The lumps on Phil's head, neck, and hip didn't hinder his dancing, whereas the other FOGBEES, except for Gary & his limitless energy, seemed dazed and not much in the dancing mood. My excuse? As Bryan asked me earlier in the day "What was it like talking with Mozart and Bach?" Gary's choice of music wasn't from my century.

All that dancing did in ole Phil (aka Busted Spoke) - his knee has swollen so bad he is now having an MRI on it at Baptist Sports Medicine.

UPDATE (6/17/09): Phil has torn his knee up bad enough to require surgery in the next week (appox). He won't be peddaling for the rest of the summer.


GARY said...

Thanks to all the Fogbees and friends who showed up to the party. All the food was great and it was a good time. A special thanks to Marsha who set up everything, Brett (and Renee)who got me a great deal on BBQ and Doug who stayed and helped me clean up. Point of order: Phil's knee has been bothering him for weeks. :)

Doug_D said...

Thanks for another great party. I am sure we will do it again this fall!!