Saturday, March 27, 2010

FOGBEES Find New 109 Greenway to Their Liking

Scott Mena and Ken Johnson , along with several additional FOGBEES, ventured beyond the barrier and discovered the sweetest ascent in the Sumner County on the FOGBEES traditional Saturday ride.

The ebony ribbons of freshly paved New Hwy 109 transported us ever upward to the big blue water tower atop South Tunnel Road and onward to the termination at Hollis Chapel Road on Old 109. No cars, no noise, no dogs, and no potholes. Pretty close to bikers heaven !
Hurry and take the ride before the autos claim this passage for themselves. I'm ready to do it again !


Scott Mena said...

Phil, could you email those pics to me please??? Thanks!!!!

Tom_E said...

Phil, Please put your pictures on the FOGBEE Photo Site. Then anyone can download copies for themselves. For those not familiar, the link is on this Blog (right sidebar) or is

Tom_E said...

Oops, I just saw were Phil HAS put the pictures on the Photo Site. Y'all can download from there.