Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tennessee Music Heritage Trail

Good morning folks, I gave the music tour idea quite a bit of thought on my way home from DC. My thoughts are to create a backcountry road tour the length of the state going from the blues in Memphis to country in Nashville to old time mountain music as you ride into the eastern part of the state. (Picture the logo where the double S in Tennessee is shaped like a swerving road that morphs from piano keys into the fret of a guitar/banjo as we go from blues to country to old time.)

As we collect info on the musical happenings/destinations/museums in the state we can then create a network of rideable roads to connect folks to those areas. Tennessee's version of Virginia's The Crooked Road -

We can gather good roads to ride from the numerous folks that have ridden their bicycles touring around the state and to Bonnaroo (another tour destination). WDVX's blue plate special would be a unique tour stop here in Knoxville.

Count me in on this adventure - I'm very interested in working on this as soon as I finish the Chattanooga road riding book. . . Elle Colquitt

Interested? Talk to Bruce Day and visit his blog

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Caledonia said...

Sounds good to me! Just give me detours around heavy metal, rap, and Bonnaroo.