Thursday, May 13, 2010

Budget CALL TO ACTION for Greenway funding

Governor Bredesen included restoration of the Real Estate Transfer Funds (local and state parks, wet lands and agricultural programs for clean water) in both his FY10 and his supplemental budget proposals. Unfortunately, the counter budget moving through the Senate as again taken those funds to help balance the budget. Without these funds it will be much harder for local cities and counties to create parks for the citizens of Tennessee to be active in.

We need your calls now to your Senator and Representative (you can find them and their contact info at The Message: Restore the Real Estate Transfer Funds to Parks! We need more places for people to be active!

We have been told offices are only counting calls/emails from their own district. You can make the difference in seeing this money returned to Tennessee's citizens as parks or swallowed up in the general budget. Make your contact today.

Chastity H. Mitchell, Esq.
Senior Director, Advocacy

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