Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Greenway Cleanup: Saturday 5/22/10

I intercepted the following note from Pat Clements ( on the Harpeth Bike Club Listserv. I will post more info as I hear it.

Folks, as some of you may have heard, the greenways are a total mess. Since much of the Tour de Nash route relies on the greenways, it has been postponed this year. Substituting the event next Saturday, Walk/Bike Nashville has taken on a fairly monumental task of cleaning up several locations:
1. Shelby Bottoms Greenway north of the Two Rivers pedestrian bridge.
2. Stones River Greenway between Lebanon Road and Percy Priest Dam.

These areas are geographically dispersed and difficult to access with shovels, coolers and such. We have several areas that need heavy cleaning on Stones River, and we're assessing our Shelby section, probably tomorrow.

If you want to just volunteer, and you have a flat-blade shovel and gloves, (and you're not riding the Tour de Cure) more details are coming in the next day or so on exactly what to bring, where to meet, etc. And let your friends know. (We're probably going to rendezvous at Kohl's on Lebanon Road at 8:00 and distribute forces from there.)


coastdownhills said...

I'll be helping with the cleanup and can ferry others to the start. I also have an extra flat blade shovel any plenty of work gloves. Not sure where and when we will meet. Am in process of finding out and will post when I know.

Miley said...

I'll be at Shelby Bottoms - Forrest Green Trailhead at 8 am for a couple hours of work.

coastdownhills said...

Just got email form David Irvine, AKA, Caladonia. He is also going to the Forest Green Trailhead. That is considerable closer for me so with that as an option that's where I'll be also.