Sunday, August 7, 2011

A reflection on the joys of Fogbee'ing

and so..we met at Sams for the Milkshake ride. There were more non-Fogs than Fogs but a lively crew at that. We even had a wonderful lady from the Harpeth River Club scouting out locations for potential rides for later this month. At the WH Greenway came several unknown riders but one who knew of a mystery lady who rode on a tandem in WH and said she worked for State Farm (sherry). Great ride..about 12 of us. We get to Crossplains and sitting at the counter sipping shakes are KJ and Andrew. Where did they come from?..Go figure. The Harpeth River rider loved the place. Headed back..Brian turned towards home (as planned), where's Roger and Andrew and the guy who knew the mystery lady? gone..go figure..Also, lost several non-foggers on a long straight away... the Harpeth rider moved on..several riders went back to find the lost riders..never saw them again..go figure..and so in the end KJ and I head up New hope's raining..KJ heads creep into Sams parking lot..One Fogbee..go was a good day..See you all riding soon..


Tom_E said...

The TRI crew stayed together for our Saturday ride. Started out in great weather, but at the end we got drenched by one of the hardest rains I have ever attempted to pedal in. Along the way we ducked for cover several times and were joined by several non-fogs also wanting to get out of the cloudburst and lightning. Even though we were totally soaked most of us switched out the water-logged jersey and into the Kid's Tri T-shirt and had breakfast a Avanti's.

Curtis _M said...

I would rather have been pedaling in the rain, than home watching it rain. That was without a doubt the worst rain I've ever ridden in.

Roger S said...

I had a awsome day. The ride to Cross Planes was great and the milkshake was better but the ride back got a little nasty. I was OK until the outskirts of White House but several of us lost contact with the others at that point. I wound up with only Andrew in sight so when he headede down Tyree Springs in a driving rain I followed. The rain just got worse so I ducked into Beach High for refuge. When the rain let up I rode back to Sams alone. Danny was waiting in the parking lot trying to figure where everyone was and is everyone OK. It was wild but it was fun. Roger