Friday, March 9, 2012

Jersey Order


I am going to put together a jersey order with the help of Doug Depew. We will place this order on March 10th this means we will need you size, style and MONEY before March 10th. We will not be able to add any jerseys after the deadline. So if you would like to order please get a check to Doug Depew or Myself before March 10th. The pricing is below and there is more information available on The Fogbees Web Site.

Please make Checks Payable to Bob Glutting or Doug Depew.

Jerseys: Sleeveless $41, Short Sleeve $41, Long Sleeve $52
Trisuite: $78 each

1 comment:

Tom_E said...

Bob could you combine this event with also an order for T-shirts? The biggest hassle in this task is collecting money and distributing the jersey/shirts. Reduce the trouble by doing both at the same time. I know many have more t-shirts than they can ever use, but the FOGBEE t-shirts are classy and I prefer to wear it to some bike-ride handout.