Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have been asked about meeting spots for Bryan's Tomato Festival.  When a ride has multiple pickup points, such as this one, it is important to add a COMMENT to the POST, especially if they are out-of-the-way such as the LITE route that shows a start in parking lot in front of Bailey's Grill. In the absence of such comments the group may ASSUME no one plans to leave from that point and skip the stop.  We would hate for anyone to miss an opportunity to join the group.  Just for clarification, no one has volunteered to lead the Short/LITE version of this Tomato Festival jaunt.  Please COMMENT with your intentions.

Also, Bryan's LITE map show a start at Bailey's, but his POST states they expect to meet at Moss Trail.  That is the intersection at the left-hand turn off Rivergate Pkwy at mile-marker 0.6 on the CUE Sheet to the LITE map just beyond (i.e. over yonder) the I-65 overpass.

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