Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Tom, this is a bicycle blog, not a credit card service demanding such hyper-security; can you get the access to the Comments box changed to just a simple User Name and Password, something like Shutterfly and MyFamilyDNA have?  I've never had trouble with those, and neither site has requested my cellphone number.
SUCCESS: I have managed to get CAPTCHA thingy turned off.  That should make it a LOT easier for you to leave COMMENTS to POSTS.


Caledonia said...

Blessings on you Tom, from all of us with trifocals and still couldn't read that thing!

David S said...

Thanks for turning this off. Some times I could not post because I could not get the letters and numbers correct.

coastdownhills said...

Yes, I had given up posting from any but my work and home computers that had been trained to log in correctly. I had looked at turning the captchas off some time ago but was unsuccessful. Good work at bending the system to your will.