Monday, May 20, 2013

Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon Results - 2 FOGBEES Podium

There were 6 FOGBEES that participated in the Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon.  Jason Sexton placed first in his age group 25 -29 and finished 6th overall.  Congrats to Jason.  Marsha Depew finished second in her age group, Congrats to Marsha now a two time winner.  All this being said out of the 6 FOGBEES Doug Depew finished second among our group.  Times as follows:
Jason Sextion        46:03 First in age group 6th overall
Doug Depew       1:15::49 Fourth in age group
April Johnson       1:16.13 Great time for a first time Tri!
Bonnie Willis        1:17.50 Honorary FOGBEE Friend of Doug Depew's Daughter
Marsha Depew     1:20:35 Second in age group
Heidi Fulford        1:29:41 Honorary FOGBEE Doug Depew's Daughter

All had a good time.  Bonnie and Heidi rode mountain bikes, that affected their performance.  


Woody said...

Awesome job by all of you!!

Christy said...

You all ROCK!

Tango Bravo said...

Congratulations... Great job you guys!