Friday, May 24, 2013

The Survey

      It's been a week since we mailed out the survey.  70% of you have opened it and 26% has completed it.  What's exciting is nearly everyone wants the Newsletter to continue and over 50% who responded wish to contribute to it.  However, we will be modifying it to match the great suggestions that were shared.
      If you haven't shared your ideas yet, it is not too late.  I am not going to rap it up until we head out for the HORSEY 100, where I will distribute the preliminary results for discussion before sending out them and your recommendations to everyone who completed the survey.
     We have updated the webpage for the HORSEY and are promising a Turtle-Horse version on Saturday for those who may have worried about the Fogbee stallions galloping off over the hill. Even if you haven't made your reservation yet, I suspect the Hyatt will still welcome you.
     So please HELP with those surveys, make plans to go to the Horsey, and don't forget the upcoming BarBQ ride.

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