Thursday, July 12, 2012

** LAST CALL for FOGBEES Jerseys**

Last call to place your jersey order. We are ordering the jerseys on Monday morning (July 16, 2012), so if you have already placed an order, you are all set. If you have NOT placed an order, stop being a cheap skate and order one! If you have not paid yet, please have checks, cash, money order, Iraqi Dinar, or Rubles at the Thursday ride, or Saturday's Fogbee/Harpeth ride. If you need to send us a check, let me know and I will email you our address, or refer to the FOGBEES Roster.

** Check Them Out here The Fogbees Web Site **

Please make Checks Payable to Demetrius or Sarah Ritt
 Jerseys: Sleeveless $41, Short Sleeve $41, Long Sleeve $52, Trisuite: $78 each


Mike said...

I need to change my size to an XL race fit.


John_K said...

I also need to change my size to XL race fit. John Kizer

Sarah Ritt said...

Thanks for posting your new sizes. Noted :-)

John P said...

Please make sure that mine is XL race fit too. Thanks! - John Peel

Demetrius Ritt said...

Got it John...and John

Anonymous said...

Demetrius, I'd like to order a FobBee Jersey.

I think I'll need an XL Race fit.

Where do I send the check?


Tony Hernandez

Demetrius Ritt said...

If you are going to ride this Saturday, I can get it then. If not, send it to:
361 View Ridge Dr
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

Rosanna said...

I am sending a check today for a women's short sleeve. Does anyone know if these run small or large, sizing-wise?? I'm torn between ordering a medium or a large.
I'll be checking for replies today!

Sarah Ritt said...

Rosanna - The sizes run pretty true to size but there are different cuts. There is club which is a little baggy, normal fit, Then sport which is a little more fitted and Pro fit which is fitted to the body. I normally wear a small which is what I"m getting but getting the pro fit. Let us know!