Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Fogbees successfully indoctrinitated to Randonneuring

Eric Bateman and Lindsay Case both completed their first 200K (127 mile) randonneuring ride from Brentwood to the George Dickel distillery and back with Bryan, me, and several riders from Gran Fondo and Harpeth Bike Club. Both finished strong despite the heat (Oh to be in the 20's again).  Rumor has it that Lindsay really dropped the hammer the final 10 miles, but there was no one close enough to witness this :-).  All I know is she was showered, dressed and ready to go when I finished.

And, no one thought to get a pic in front of George's statue.  


Unknown said...

Great job guys.

Lindsay said...

The success was due to being led by two very experienced pros :)