Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nashville Tap and Run August 11th

I am hoping to put a team together of Fogbee members who would be interested in embarrassing themselves by joining up for the Nashville Tap and Run. This is a slightly non-competitive funny running/walking race that involves beer drinking and ridiculous themes. We have not decided on a costume theme yet for the team, but we are leaning towards Hooter's Girls, ugly strippers, school girls or something similar to win the shortest shorts competition(if there are other suggestions, we would love to hear them...We will have a team idea picked by the end of next week). We want men to do this as well so if you are willing to don skimpy women's clothing, drink some beer and either walk or run 2.5 miles, we would love to have you join us. This event will feature 3 beer chugging stations and an after party also involving beer...If there ever was an event designed for the Fogbees, this is it! Please post of you have an interest in joining this event. Here is the link to the event... http://www.tapnrun.com/Nashville/

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