The Club offers a large variety of activities that include 
several types of rides, socializing, and spin classes at the YMCA. 

Single-day Specials
The club participates as a group at most of the area charity rides and has its own special rides that it repeats annually.

Here are webpage links to some of our past favorites

Annual Christmas Lights Ride 
 Cystic Fibrosis Charity Ride 
Wounded Warrior Ride
Greenway Ride
Bell Witch Ride

Here are others for which we don't have webpages, but check out Shutterfly for photos.

Fogbee Organized
BBQ Ride
Milkshake Ride
Graffiti Road Ride
Redneck Ride
Multi-day Tours

One of the unique activities of the FOGBEE Bike Club is 
the OVERNIGHT and AWAY rides. 

Non-riding significant others are often invited to join in the festivities. 

Click Here for webpage

Group Rides

Post-ride socializing at Sam's

A Group Ride happens almost every day in 
the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

The rides are organized and posted by skill level on the blog,
shared by text message, or solicited on our FACEBOOK page.

Rabbits:    Ride average - 17+ mph, few stops             
Hounds:    Ride average - 15-16 mph                             
Turtles:    Ride average - 12-14 mph, frequent stops

All three skill groups usually participate in every group ride.  Cyclists new to
group riding should start with a turtle ride, which has a "no drop" policy, 
and move to other groups when they want.


Annual Super-bowl Party

Spinning with Gary

 Spin - Master Gary runs FOG-GARY on Tuesday and Thursdays 
at 6:30P  for families and friends - 
Don't have to be a FOGBEE to peddle at Sumner County YMCA.