Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good News For Christmas!

Randy has made wonderful progress these last two days!
He is now off the vent, only on a nasal capula set at 4 liters.
They are getting ready to bring himj a chair and try to get him up out of that bed!
(Nurses said they weren't sure how strong his legs were going to be, I asked them if they looked at them! He'll be riding again before we know it!)
Gave his shirt to him the other day and he is very proud of it. Wanted to put it on last night, but the nurses wouldn't let him (wonder why???) lol!
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
He's going to make it through this, and will be just a tough on hills as he was before!
FOGBEES are great!


Miley said...

That is great Christmas news Donna. Give Randy our best. We're thinking of him and pulling from him.

Tom_E said...

Thanks for good news for a change. Wish Randy a Merry Christmas for all of us. Not the best place to be over the holidays, but a lot better when the prognosis is good.

monsieur cannonball said...

Donna , I'm cetain that people are put into each other's path for a purpose. Sometimes that is apparent and sometimes it is not. Sometimes for a moment and sometimes for a lifetime. The thing that matters most is that we honor one another for the time at hand. I look forward to riding with Randy and you once more when we can talk about this season's episode with a historical perspective from behind a cold beer. Please extend my continued concern for Randy's recovery. May 2009 truly be a Happy New Year !

coastdownhills said...

Good news indeed.