Thursday, September 3, 2009

Help in Coopertown Requested.

Can some of our members in Coopertown or nearby help out. Good PR for that FOGBEE jersey helps when we may need help in return.

I serve on the Community Development Committee for the Town of Coopertown. We are interested in having a Bicycle Rodeo to focus on bicycle safety in April/May time frame 2010. We do have some designated bicycle riding areas in Coopertown and wondered what services or assistance you and TDOT may be able to provide us in planning for this event or any type of displays that may be available for the day of the event? I have contacted Tn Dept of Safety LT Barham and he is going to give us some assistance. Look forward to any additional resources or guidance you may be able tooffer.

Thanks, Bob Fletcher

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philandlisa said...

We are willing to assist with this; we will email him and see how we can help.

Christy said...

I'm willing to help as well. Let me know what you guys learn.

BOB G. said...

Count me in.