Monday, September 14, 2009

Thanks to Everyone

Thanks to everyone who called to check in on me after my wreck on Labor Day. As of now we know of no broken bones, however my hand and wrist are still not getting any better. If the hand and wrist isn't feeling any better over the next couple of days, I am going back to the Dr. to re-evaluate it. Though I can use my hand it still hurts with some numbness and tingling.. I should be getting my bike back sometime this week ($$$$), and hope to try and ride as soon as I get it. Hope to see you all on Thursday..


monsieur cannonball said...

Sounds like nothing a ride to Jack 'n' Back won't cure ( :

Scott Mena said...

As long as my legs move and I can put weight on my hands I won't miss the Jack-n-Back for anything.. :)

Doug_D said...

Get well soon Scott. I hope you are back on your bike soon. I have had one bad crash w/o any broken bones, but the road rash and the bruising still really hurt. My Dr. told me riding and getting my heart rate up would actually help the healing. He told me not to ride if it really hurt, but to go ahead if I was just sore.