Thursday, October 6, 2011

Team Fogbees at Gran Fondo Gran Fondo

Update: So far only Jennifer and I have registered for Team Fogbees with Bob Huss and Demetrius expressing interest. Unless we get 5-7 committed and registered, I will just ride as an individual.

I have registered and indicated I will be riding in the team "Fogbees"I'm looking to recruit 3 to 5 more FOGBEES who might be interested in a team to do the Gran Fondo Gran Fondo 65 mile route on October 9. We need 5 to 7 people to make a team, and (I) really need 3 strong riders that Jennifer and I can draft behind. Actually fast or slow, let' s have some fun and just ride as a Fogbee team, with our Jerseys, and finish as a team.

Here are the team rules. I would be the "elder statesman' unless a senior Fogbee elite should wish to join :-)

For those wishing to compete as a team, we are offering a gentleman's race format. Our rules for teams are designed for fun - here goes:

  1. Teams must have five members finishing together. A team cannot be larger than seven members.

  2. Each team must have at least one woman. A team does not have to have any male participants.

  3. Each team must have at least one participant age 45 or older. A team does not have to have any participants under age 45.

  4. The winning team will have the shortest gran fondo completion time for the five teammates crossing the line together. Don't ask us to explain what together means. You will be required to have your woman and your elder statesman finish in your group of five.

  5. Each team must evidence their completion of the designated, marked route by verifications to explained on race day (crossing timing pads on distinct route points, number check off on top of climbs).

  6. Tandem riders may count as two persons of a team.

  7. There is only a Team Competition for the Gran Fondo (65 mile distance) category



bkortness said...

If you are not interested in racing this event as a team, you can also sign up as an individual or just casually ride it. They have 35, 65, and 100 mile options. The meal after the ride/race last year was incredible. Possibly the prettiest ride in Middle Tennessee. Vida knows how to put a ride together.

Demetrius Ritt said...

If we can get a team, Im in... if not, then I will ride the 50 mile Saturday ride instead. Sorry, I was out of town for a little over a week.
Ill need to know by about 8pm tonight or so... that way I can sign up, or prepare for the Sat ride.