Monday, October 17, 2011

Ride this Saturday - October 22'nd

. . Your committee has worked hard to kick off the Inaugural CYCLE for LIFE RIDE from Sycamore Springs (click here).  Bruce and Miley have pulled out their BEST route -- one that few bicyclists, including FOGBEES, have experienced.  We have a private beer Party on the Hill after the ride.  We have FOUR great rest stops.  We have a Short and Long Ride.  We have the most spectacular views in our area. We have SAG, EMT's, police support, repair stations, surprises, etc.  on the route.  We have GREAT weather and FALL COLORS are EXPECTED on Saturday.  AND a great cause for fund raising - Cystic Fibrosis.  Contribute a tax-deductible gift and enjoy a great party.
. . What we need is YOU, and then we'll have everything.

Times and dates to keep in mind:
- Oct 18, 5:30: Volunteer Meeting at Gallatin Library
- Oct 21: Setup @ Sycamore and supplies pickup at Gary's Office
- Oct 22: 7:30A @ Sycamore Registration
- Oct 22: 8:45A @ Sycamore Entrance Road is CLOSED and Festivities begin

Yes, we have maps & cues.  Get at the ride or send me a request. However, Miley & David Buckman are marking the roads VERY well.


GARY said...

I'm riding and Cindy is a Volunteer. Come on Fogbees!!! Join this GREAT ride which our Bike Club has helped to sponsor! It will be lots of fun, good riding and a great cause.

Kaiser Dawg said...

I'll attend the volunteer meeting Tuesday evening to see if I can help in some way... maybe setup?