Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bike ride in Portland. (optional target shooting after the ride) OCT 15

. .We will start the ride @8:30 from the BBQ Pit In Portland in the morning.

On Saturday October 15th we are planing a 30 mile bike ride starting in at the BBQ PIT in Portland. The ride will be about 30 miles and there will be options to lengthen if you want to ride farther. After the ride we will eat lunch at the BBQ pit.
. . After the ride we can to go to a local private range and target shoot. If you do not have a gun but would like to shoot there will be some extra guns for you to use. The shooting will be supervised by a State of Tennessee Certified Instructor.
. . A side note: It has come to my attention that an individual belonging to another local bike clubs thought that the Fogbees are a bunch of Rednecks because we are going shooting after a ride. I want to let that individual know that we recycle all of the targets after the shoot and no opossums will be hurt or eaten on this ride.

Directions to the BBQ PIT The route will be posted as we get closer to the ride

Route Information

Shooting information.
  • All of the Fogbees are invited to attend Please post if you are planning to attend
  • We will be supervised by a State Certified Instructor
  • If you bring a gun it must be unloaded until you are ready to shoot
  • You must have eye and hearing protection
  • If you do not have a gun there will be some that you can use. You should plan on buying some bullets to use in a borrowed gun. ( .22 LR, 9mm, .223, 12gauge are some of the bullets that will fit the extra guns) If you have questions please contact Bob G. or Curtis M.
Email if you have any questions


Roger S said...

Souns like a "BLAST". I'll be there. Roger
PS: Bob, I will bring money for my tee shirts. Thanks

monsieur cannonball said...

Can we use artillery ? Have Cannonball will travel ! Count me in. Rosemary needs to practice with her .22 so tell the Fine Ol' Gals to not be shy

Curtis _M said...

This is going to be FUN ! But I promise I wont have you shooting while riding, that comes after alot of training. The ride is relatively flat, we'll ride northern Sumner into Ky and back to the BBQ Pit.

Janice said...

If I'm in town I will do this one. Don't have a gun, so I guess I won't be shooting anything. If someone has an extra I'd be willing to play with it.

BOB G. said...

I will be there, and we will have a good time.

Demetrius Ritt said...

Ill be there. I will have extra guns as well. I am a former Police Officer and Firearms Instructor, SWAT/SNIPER, so if you are nervous or having issues, need tips, I could probably help as well... cant wait!

Tom_E said...

Bruce and I will be doing the ride, but no shooting afterwards. I have an afternoon engagement in Brentwood.